Ultimate Trip Planning Guide

Vacation- the most coveted time of year. You know the feeling- sitting in the office staring out the window lost in thought. You can feel the sun shinning on your face, hear the waves breaking on the shore, you can feel the ice-cold drink in your hands. For those moments, you’re carried away from the stress of the day. It’s glorious.

And like most people, you reach out to the all-knowing Google for advice; “Google, I need vacation ideas. Where should I go?” After a bit of scouring the web, you finally decide on a destination. God forbid if you type in “What to do” in the search bar because that’s like taking a nosedive right into digital quicksand.

  • Where am I going?

  • How long am I staying?

  • Is my passport valid?

  • Book my flight

  • Where am I staying?

  • How will I get to my accommodation?

  • What are the Visa requirements?

  • Do I need immunizations?

  • What cool things are nearby?

  • Where am I going to eat?

  • How do I get a local SIM card so I have internet/phone service?

  • Where/how do I exchange currency?

  • Packing. What do I actually need? (check out our ultimate packing list)

  • Print travel documents

  • Flight details confirmed?

  • Do I need travel insurance? (the answer is always YES!)

This is where The Unknown Road swoops in to save the day. The Unknown Road ensures every detail of your trip is thoughtfully designed to your preferences. No request is too big or too small for us to handle. We will handle all of these details for you and more you may have not even thought of. We have the right connections at your destination and local insider info that will save you both the time and headache of searching the interwebs for all of this.

Click here to get in touch and one of our travel advisors will be in touch with you really soon.

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