Don't Make My Mistake - Monkey's Steal Your Stuff

A lesson learned from an experienced traveler

As the old adage goes, you learn something new everyday. That was definitely the case today.

There he was, a tiny gray and white monkey sitting outside our luxury tent basking in the warm Kenyan sun. He looked like a little doorman – unassuming, adorable, and he had Tiffney-colored blue balls. I chuckled and grabbed my phone. I wasn’t’ going to miss a chance to get a photo of this – it’s just too funny.

While David opened the door and took our bags inside, I started inching my way closer and closer. The monkey didn’t seem too bothered by my proximity, so I took a few more steps closer until I was only a couple of feet away. I squatted down, phone camera on, and started taking pictures. He wasn’t the least bit camera shy. I became aware of his eerily familiar features when the tiny human-like hands reached out and grabbed my phone.

“Oh no!” I shrieked! “Drop it!”

While I can’t be entirely sure, I am almost certain I heard the little thief laughing as he ran away. The sticky-fingered blue-balled monkey was getting away with the device that contained my entire safari life. All of the pictures of elephants, giraffes, and lions. In an instant, I was already mourning the loss of my captured memories and praying the images had a chance to upload on the cloud.

Hearing the commotion, David came running to see what was going on. The monkey had turned back and made eye contact with me, mocking me for my stupidity. With superhero-life reflexes, David apprehended the phone. In a move resembling that of a Heisman trophy, he blocked the thieving monkey from getting his sticky-fingers on it again.

The monkey hissed and tried again to reclaim his prize. Unphased by the monkey’s aggression, David stomped the ground. “NO,” he yelled, startling the monkey. The monkey tried again running towards David. “NO!” David yelled again, now moving towards the monkey, “I’m not afraid of you or your little blue balls.”

At that moment, the monkey ran away, climbed the nearest tree, and started making a sound that, I guess, was a monkey cry. I was crying, too, from laughing until I couldn’t breathe after witnessing the heroics of my husband followed by the realization he sh*t-talked a monkey.

Lesson learned – always keep your phone and your valuables secure – especially when you’re around monkeys.

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